The History Hour

Short books with inspirational stories

At The History Hour, we work with distinguished historians and authors to make top-of-the-crop historical facts and insights available in accessible and entertaining formats. Our books serve you quality historical knowledge in the way you prefer to receive information — read it as an eBook on your Kindle, tablet or laptop, or even as a physical book.

More about us

Whether you want to learn about history to better understand the world we are living in, to start more interesting conversations with people than the usual small talk, or simply are curious to learn new things, we have interesting books for you.

Our books are centered on important historical events, epochs and figures. We offer biographies on people who changed the world and books focusing on entire historical epochs or the events that shaped the world as we know it. And serve you all the central and significant facts in interesting and easy-readable eBooks and Paperbacks. In 90-120 pages our books will take you over every you need to know without wasting time on inessential fill.