Adolf Hitler is a name most people are familiar with. When you hear the name, you likely think of an infamous villain and a dictator, who ruled with an iron fist, leading people to do his bidding—attempting to eradicate an entire religious, cultural, and ethnic group. However, if you picked up this book, you must be wanting to know more about Hitler, perhaps stories that are not so well-known.


Most people, although familiar with the name Hitler, and familiar with his terrible actions, do not know much about the man himself. Many know what he did once in power, but know nothing of how he got there. This book will increase your knowledge of Hitler and will help you understand how he claimed power.


This is a great read. Having read "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" by Shirer several times, this book fills a number of gaps of that book. (Not that this is a criticism of that book.) This first half of Adolf Hitler goes into detail more of his personal life as a youth and his "alone" life in Vienna in his late teens and twenties. Extremely well done by the personal interviews of those who knew him. The war years give more personal insight into him than Shirer's book as I expected. A very good read to understand a totalitarian dictator

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The writer has completed an awesome activity of both research and composing. Toland recounts the huge moves made by Hitler and furthermore recounts littler stories, for example, why the Germans took Einstein's ledgers. It is an interesting book.


I just received my ADOLF HITLER as a gift from my son. He also sent me this guide to help me out in learning basic things about my tablet. I loved this book, extremely helpful and easy to understand. I would highly recommend this manual.


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