Ancient China

Many of the Chinese kings mentioned here are characters in computer games and graphic novels. Those games and graphics do reflect something of the nature of these intelligent and clever people, although they may be enveloped in fantasy to some extent. China is replete with artifacts revealing the magic and mystery of this ancient civilization. And where would we be without a little mystery and magic?


Much of the material in this text comes from the Bamboo Annals and the Records of the Grand Historian and later historians who studied those sacred texts. The bamboo Annals were discovered in 281 AD inside the tomb of King Xian. The Records of the Grand Historian were reportedly written by Sima Tian and continued by his son, Sima Qian. Only fragments remain today, but the original may have been written just prior to 86 BC.


This book mentioned names i have never come across . its a book that talks history and ancient stories. found interesting and detailed and well narrated . its was as thou it tells events that happened not too long. I love the presentation of each character. Recommended

Joan A. Hollis

This book is so awesome for me since I was able to learn more about ancient china. This book is very detailed and well explained. Surely recommended indeed!

Arcelio Ve' McCarthy

I would've liked to see more integration of concrete facts and how each piece of information connected to its predecessor, especially in the introductions, which came off as brief and a tad disconnected to the Dynasty section - how are these related? Did the progression of war lead to one of the Dynasties, as an example. The sections, however, were well-labeled and the separation became more apparent was I read on. The read has a nice flow and it was easy to understand.

jackwad hasan