ANCIENT GREECE: The Greatest Civilization

The very first democracy in the world found its origins in Ancient Greece. The most exquisite art and architecture of the world had its origins there. While education had its roots in many cultures after the Bronze Age, education found its flowering in the rise of some of the greatest literature ever written. From the very small country of Greece came the development of the higher sciences. Even the most celebrated of sports events, the Olympics, started in a small city-state of Athens.


The Doric column was named after the Dorians, one of the root races indigenous to Ancient Greece. The Ionic column was named after their satellite colony, Iona in current-day Turkey. The Corinthian column is named after the ancient city of Corinth on the Southeastern coast of Greece. Live theater entertainment originated in the amphitheaters of Ancient Greece. Nowhere in the civilized world can anyone find no element from this civilization of explorers of the mind and the mysteries of myth. Greece has a history that lies within the experience of everyone.