We keep in our mind for some reason as we grow and get older that George Washington wore false wooden teeth and that is why you never see a picture of him smiling. The explanation sounds good when you are a child, and at that time you can’t refute that story. In this version, you will find things about George Washington that might surprise you and that you did not know before you read this book. You will find out that he was the type of man that tried to lay things out in such a way as to make his opponent look bad or if need be, to bend the truth if necessary.


You will still not have every answer to every question you might want to know about this man. In some ways, he was an exciting man, deep thinking and quiet, while in other ways, you will be able to make many comparisons to the way our government is projected now in the fake news and what the press tells us is supposed to be factual reporting on our government.