Historians and analysts have been debating the accuracy of King Arthur’s life for many years. But why take the flavor out of food for thought? Arthur’s life was most certainly embellished upon by poets, romanticists, and many others, giving rise to the belief on the part of some compulsive historians that he was a fictional character altogether. There is a lot of historical proof that events during King Arthur’s apparent reign (5th or 6th century) occurred, but they are obscured by the fog of myth in service of making the story more readable and interesting.


King Arthur’s tale is also the story of a love triangle in which the lives of two loving participants hung in the balance. King Arthur’s legend is an utterly human story about Lancelot, Guinevere and her loving, faithful husband – the good King Arthur. It was a tragedy; it was the failure of morality against the forces of carnal desire. Human frailty can destroy an entire society and so it did in Camelot. This isn’t the first time it happened.