You will see what horrors and terrors that Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, their children, and Louis’ sister had to suffer through for four years before their deaths. If you could just put yourself in their shoes, it will bring tears to your eyes. You will realize that they in no way deserved the treatment they received and then you will read how they were forced to meet their deaths.


As you begin to read this book, you will undoubtedly feel that Queen Marie Antoinette and King Louise XVI led spoiled lives. You will be right in what you think; but you will also find out that with their parents arranging their marriages at a very young age, neither of them was ever able to experience the feelings of young love. Because Antoinette was from Austria, she had to be married twice, once in Austria and then again in France. When married in Austria her husband to be could not be present, so, weird as it seemed, her brother stood in for the groom.