The Crusades were a series of holy wars fought between Christians and Muslims over the ownership of certain holy sites held sacred by the Muslims, Christians and Jews. These wars were bloody, violent and cataclysmic. What caused them, and how did they happen?


Crusades were expensive, and the rich were asked to subsidize the knights and their armies.


I really enjoyed this book. The author draws you into his adventure, and makes you feel as if you were there on the trail with him. It was a fascinating trip, and I learned a lot about the crusaders that I hadn't known before. Love it

Darren V. Jenkins

This is a noteworthy and astonishing book to peruse. Happy to have this. I would most likely prescribe this to a portion of my kindred men in Church.I might want to prescribe it to all...

Atif Rizwan

WOW! Just finished Crusader. Another totally awesome book by Julia. I love how High just takes over for Clara and helps her realize her problems. She needs to find her true self again in order to go on with her life.

John C.